Registering for an apartment online. How does it work?

The apartments in Westbeat are rented online. This means that all the steps in the process take place digitally. From your first registration to signing the rental agreement, it is done online in a secure environment. You don’t have to leave your comfy chair and you can fit it with your own planning. Sounds great right? Do you have any questions during your registration and assigning of the apartments? Then we will be ready for you on the chat, e-mail and by phone.

Check if you can meet the income requirements
Select your preferred apartments
Start the online registration
  • 1. Before you start
  • Please start by checking if you can meet the income requirements and other criteria. For an apartment in Westbeat, the (joint) monthly income must be at least 3,25 times the monthly rent.

2. Select the apartment of your preference

You can use the “woningzoeker”  to find your perfect apartment. You can see the the availability, monthly rent and download the floor plan for the apartments you are interested in. Found what you are looking for? Write down the addresses of the apartments you like, so that you can note you preferences during the registration.

3. Online registration

Click on the button at the top of this page to start your online registration. You will be directed to an online environment where you can create your personal account. Complete your registration by filling out the requested personal information and add the required documents. You can now also select the apartments of your preference.

4. Matching and assigning

  • Your file will be assessed and if your registration is complete and you meet the income requirements, you will be matched to the available apartments. Is there a match? You will be notified and instructed on the following steps! It will include accepting the assignment, a final check and the signing of the digital rental agreement.